Khon Kaen Nightlife

Updated 30/01/2024

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Khon Kaen is a city located in Northeastern Thailand. This town is not as well-known for its nightlife as some of the bigger cities like Bangkok, Phuket or Pattaya. But there are still plenty of options for those looking for some evening entertainment in Khon Kaen.

One popular area for nightlife in Khon Kaen is the Pracha Samran Road. Home to several bars, clubs, and live music venues. This area is particularly popular with university students and can get quite lively on the weekends.

Another popular spot for nightlife in Khon Kaen is the 2 road between Pullam and Kosa Hotel. This is a great spot to grab a drink and hang out with locals and tourists. However, this will be the only place where you will be able to see a majority of foreigners as customers. In other nightlife areas, customers are mainly Thais.

Other nightlife options in Khon Kaen include karaoke bars, sports bars, and beer gardens,… Is the area near the Tawandaeng Disco on Chalermprakiat Road. There you will have plenty of choices about the type of entertainment venues.

Finally, several good new venues are opening everywhere in the town. The Apartment, 69 rooftops, Chromatic, Ilovebar,… are located everywhere in the city.

Pullman hotel area …

Eric's bar Khon Kaen
Eric’s Bar Khon Kaen

This is the primary destination for most expats and travellers with numerous international bars and restaurants and of course Thai Girls. This is the perfect spot to meet locals. You can also ask for advice on what to do or where to go.

Eric’s Bar is the most popular and bustling establishment in our opinion. The Lucky Bar next door is also a great spot to grab a drink and talk with girls. If you head towards the Pullman Hotel and turn left, you’ll find another street lined with restaurants and bars.

There’s something for everyone on this street: including the biker-themed Crash Bar/Eatery. The King Cobra Bistro Bar/Restaurant. The 4 AM Bar for House music enthusiasts. The lively Khon Kaen DC club serves excellent imported beers.

For those looking for a meal: Kelly’s Restaurant and Cocktail Bar offers a wide selection of food and drink. Without forgetting the Smile bar for sports lovers…and also the best pool team in Khon Kaen.

Not too far from there, you will find a small hip-hop club: ROO รู. (map)Rap in the middle of khon kaen

Map: Pullman area

U bar and Suksan still close, other websites show them open but be aware that there are still close.
4 Am Bar Khon Kaen

Pracha Samran and Ruen Rom Road

This is the go-to destination for both locals from Khon Kaen and nearby villages at night. This street comes alive after 6 pm. Searching for a parking spot becomes a challenge with countless motorbikes trying to find parking space.

If you’re looking to be with the locals then this is the place to be. Be aware that some knowledge of the Thai language is necessary or be accompanied by someone who can speak Thai.

The Library Khon Kaen
Library Khon Kaen

There are large clubs like The 99 (closed for renovation due to fire) or The Library, as well as smaller ones like Mahatai. However, if you’re a fan of European-style clubbing, you may find the experience to be different here.

Travel essentials

Most discos in Thailand feature live cover concerts of various Thai artists or Molam* music. In between, there is a break of 15-30 minutes, where DJs feature a mix of fast and commercial techno.

Additionally, there are beer gardens where you can enjoy a drink, eat, and enjoy a concert all in one establishment.

99 Khon Kaen
Cub 99
* Molam is a traditional style of folk music from the northeastern region of Thailand, also known as Isan. It is characterized by its unique sound, which features a mix of indigenous Thai instruments, such as the khaen (bamboo mouth organ) and phin (lute), as well as western instruments like the guitar and bass.
Molam music typically features lyrics that tell stories of everyday life in rural Isan, including themes of love, heartbreak, and the struggles of farming and rural living. It is often performed at social gatherings, festivals, and celebrations throughout the region, and has gained popularity both within Thailand and internationally in recent years.

On Ruen Rom Road, the night is more quiet but still enjoyable. You will find beer gardens, a live concert/music restaurant and also at the end of the road, the night market.

This is the place to start the night. You can eat and talk with locals to know where they will go out tonight or where are the parties. In the direction from the Pracha Samran road to the night market, you can stop at the ForU Bar, there you will have a good place to eat Isan food while having fun in a Parisian cabaret-style bar.

Map: Pracha Samran Rd

Map: Night market

Sri Chant Road

There are some good venues along this road, like the Rusty and the apartment (see below). The Rusty open recently, the place is small so table are filled quickly. Price are not too expensive, great cocktail but you need to go with a group of friends…Seating at the bar is not an ideal place to spend a evening.

Rusty Social club Khon Kaen

Tawandaeng Area

In this neighbourhood, there is an abundance of bars and restaurants clustered around the renowned Tawandaeng disco. These establishments offer a variety of entertainment such as delectable local cuisine, live concerts, Molam music and Beer-girls. This area is making an excellent destination for experiencing the vibrant Khon Kaen nightlife.

ฤกษ์เหล้า ZinBar Khon Kaen
ฤกษ์เหล้า ZinBar

Map: Tawandaeng Area

Nightlife around the city

Khon Kaen provides a variety of options to have an enjoyable evening, with new bars, clubs, and speakeasies opening up in different parts of the city. Keeping track of all of them may not be easy, but here are some of the main ones.

Please note that these are our opinions and you are welcome to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Actart cafe
Actart Cafe

Actart Cafe&Studio If you’re looking for a great spot to catch some live music on a Friday night, then. Located on Na Mueang Road (opposite G9 Condo) is worth checking out. This bar features a mix of Thai and foreign music, making it an ideal place to unwind. In addition to enjoying the music, you can also catch The Premier League game. A pool table and a dart board are good reasons to head to the Actart bar.

map: Actart

Chromatic.kkc, cocktail bar and live Dj.

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Apartment คนโสด, located on the third floor, this apartment is an ideal choice for single individuals. It also boasts a hidden bar with a secretive entrance.

The vibe of this bar is reminiscent of a 90’s friend’s room. The bar offers an extensive list of beverages including Snow Beer, Natural Wine, Highball, Shot&Shooter, Single Malt, Apartment Daiquiri, Beer Bomb, and a variety of appetizers.

Where is it: 0840942400 🙂

Apartment คนโสด

The Gentle is another speakeasy bar in Khon Kaen… some information:) :

Seat Reservation (Until 8.00 pm) Tel. +66(0) 80 006 5348 Opening times: 7.30 pm – 12.00 am Monday – Sunday ( Open every day)

The Gentle Khon kaen

Realizegallery, loft, cocktail bar and Vinyl session… open everyday 7 PM ( Sunday closed)

A cool place to chill out at night time with great cocktails and a good music selection. Dj’s are playing with vinyl and SL 1200 Technics there… so cool

Map: Realizegallery

Realizegallery Khon Kaen

Rooftop Bar Khon Kaen

Like the big city of Bangkok, khon kaen has rooftop bars too. They are not located as high as the capital but offer a great view of Khon Kaen. Ing Rooftop Restaurant (map) is a great spot to have a view of Bueng Kaeng Nakhon reservoir and Wat Phra Mahathat.

69 Rooftop Bar Khonkaen (Map) … craft beer lover, young concept. There are more than 100 imported beers to taste. You can choose a place to sit with a view or at the bar counter. At the bar, you will see all the beers and make your choice to have a great evening.

69 Rooftop Bar Khonkaen

Beer Garden Bar Khon Kaen

A beer garden bar in Thailand is a popular outdoor venue that locals and tourists alike can enjoy. Cold beers, good food, and live music in a relaxed atmosphere. These bars are typically located in open-air spaces, such as courtyards or gardens.

They offer a variety of seating options, from traditional tables and chairs to bean bags and hammocks. Beer garden bars in Thailand serve a variety of local beers, as well as spirits, cocktails, and non-alcoholic beverages.

Food options typically include Thai street food favourites like grilled meats, stir-fries, and spicy salads. Live music performances, ranging from traditional Thai music to rock and pop bands, are often featured in the evenings, creating a lively and festive atmosphere. Beer garden bars are a great way to experience the local culture and nightlife scene in Khon Kaen.

It is a must-visit for anyone looking to relax and unwind after a long day of sightseeing. This is also a great place to meet some “Beer Pretty”.

in love Khon kaen

In our opinion, In love (map), 76​ ​Station​ (ขอนแก่น, map)​, the drink of love (map), ถึง ขอน-แก่น E San Thai Bistro (map), โบราณ บางเวลา (map) are the best.

โบราณ บางเวลา Khon kaen
โบราณ บางเวลา
ถึง ขอน-แก่น E San Thai Bistro
ถึง ขอน-แก่น E San Thai Bistro

Disco Khon Kaen

These are the biggest in the town: the Tawandang and the โรงเหล้ามิตรภาพ ขอนเเก่น (Friendship Brewery, “Rong Lao”). The โรงเหล้ามิตรภาพ ขอนเเก่น is huge, very big stage and a lot of tables and chairs inside.

In both of them, you will be able to have a meal while watching the show. Yes, it’s a show. a lot of dancers and singers switch all night long on Thai cover songs.

The choreography and costumes are very well designed and it is worth going one night. Of course, like everywhere else… there is some break between spectacles with a Dj set.

There are open every day. You will need to book a table if don’t you want to have a seat in front of the huge sound system :).

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