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The Lucky Bar Khon Kaen

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The lucky bar is located in the centre of the town of Khon Kaen. Khon Kaen nightlife is great around there

The bar has all you need to have fun or relax. A classical Thai bar where you can relax and have a drink, play a game of pool, watch sports on tv. A meeting point for ex-pats living in the town.

Lucky bar Khon Kaen

About the atmosphere of the Lucky bar Khon Kaen

This is a nice place to have a drink in Khon Kaen, you can meet tourists and locals. After a full day visiting the area, it’s good to come to this place to have a cold drink.

You can enjoy the company of girls, wait for friends or observe how a Thai street work. Girly bars in Isan are not quite the same as in Patong or Pattaya… is quieter, and you will not be harassed to buy lady drinks. The bar is not too noisy at beginning of the night, so it’s also a good place to have a meeting with friends before heading to dinner.

Khon kaen Nightlife

What are the prices?

Prices are very reasonable here, and you can benefit from happy hours every day.

Check their Facebook page for more info.

Lucky Bar Khon Kaen

At the Lucky Bar Khon Kaen, you can also use the Ipad to choose your favourite music or video clip on tv. That is very nice, you can choose the ton of the night… with other customers of course.

Lucky bar girls Khon Kaen