Khon Kaen

Marina Cafe

Marina Cafe Restaurant on the bank of the Bueng Nong Kot lake, a relaxing atmosphere guaranteed away from the city traffic jam.

Marina Restaurant khon Kaen

Bueng Nong Kot lake restaurant

For those who are missing the sea and want some beach vibes, the marina cafe is the place to go… all day long… Morning coffee, lunch or evening dinner or just to have a drink.

The Marina is located along the Bueng Nong Kot lake with a great view of it, especially from the first floor. The front terrace is also a very nice place to seat and enjoy the view. comfortable chairs and umbrellas will give you the sensation to be in a beach bar. The temperature is also very nice there, you can feel a little breeze and it’s cooler in the evening.

The look of the Marina

The design of this place is well done, you will feel very comfortable there and feel like you are at home. The bar is made of wood, black painted iron and galvanised metal sheets with a nice granite top. Red brick wall with shelves containing a lot of boating deco. One plus of this establishment…all the tables (inside) have an electric and USB plug-in. That makes this place an excellent space to work or co-working space. By the way, the speed of the wifi is very fast (not joking).

Light at the Marina

Have a look at how they light up the inside tables, a nice idea and very well crafted. You will also see that the tables have the same look as a superyacht floor… the teak wood look… awesome.

Marina Cafe Khon Kaen

The Morning Cafe

The marina is also a coffee shop, so coffee lovers can rush to come to taste some variants made by the barista. Espresso, Latte, Cappuccino, Americano honey,…
Tea is also served there, hot or cold. It is always nice to have your favourite morning drink near the water.


The food & the drink

At the marina cafe, the majority of the menu is Thai food and of course, you can have also some western dishes. The best-spoken food about this place is the Pizzas…They do excellent pizza at the correct price. The restaurant proposes some of the traditional Thai dishes, there are no specialities at the moment ( ok, the pizzas 🙂 ) but even if the menu hasn’t too many dishes, they are all delicious.
Fresh products, not too small or big portion and we think at a democratic price… with a view. Be aware, the marina doesn’t serve small bottles of beer…only large ones. They have a good wine menu, so for wine and lake lovers… that’s the place to be.

Stay tuned to the Facebook page to know the events, special parties or others.

Glass Noodle Salad

The boat

Tour Boat Khon Kaen

yes, the boat… Jeffrey the owner has passed 2 years building this traditional Scandinavian sailing boat. The boat will be available for February 2023 with the possibility to learn to sail, just for a random lake tour or just to have a drink and food in another place.

View of the Lake