Khon Kaen

Eric’s Bar

Eric's Bar Khon Kaen

Eric's Bar Khon Kaen

Another famous bar in Khon Kaen is Eric’s Bar. Well known by the locals and tourists, it’s the meeting point of the town.

Eric's bar Khon kaen

Ideally located in the town centre and close to the best hotel the city of Khon Kaen offers. Easy to reach by walking from the Pullman or the Kosa Hotel. Small but so warm with very welcoming staff and owners.

Busy Eric's bar Khon Kaen

A lot of things to do in this place, for a meeting, chill out, a fresh drink or a game of pool. The atmosphere in this bar is very warm, with a lot of trees and plants everywhere. Sitting at the bar counter or at the table is very comfortable and the girls are not too hassle for you to drink.

About Eric’s bar Khon Kaen

Probably the busiest bar in this city area, a well know one. A lot of tourists and locals meet there to have a drink or chat with the girls. At the back of the bar, you will find a pool table where you can challenge friends or customers. The front of the bar is very nice to seat. A lot of plants are there and you feel you are in the middle of the jungle.

Front terrace at Eric's Bar

What are the specialities of the bar?

Nothing special to be honest, the usual suspect… beer and Samsong coke 🙂 Also, like in the other bars or places in Thailand, customers can choose their own style of music. The principal speciality of the bar I think is to make you feel comfortable.

a game of pool, Khon Kaen

So, if you are in the area and you are looking for meeting some locals or girls or to chill out and cold down. Eric’s Bar Khon Kaen is the place to be. Perfect location, not too far from hotels and the central festival shopping centre, and some local’s delicious street food and restaurants. Eric’s Bar is located in the heart of Khon Kaen Nightlife.



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