Khon Kaen

4 AM Bar Khon Kaen

4 AM bar in Khon Kaen, a lovely bar located not too far from the busy bar scene area of Khon Kaen. A small but funny place with a nice room with a pool table at the back.

4 Am Bar Khon Kaen

4 am barKhon Kaen is a fascinating bar that was built in a container. It has a cosy room at the back with a pool table inside. The back room is cool down by air and it’s pleasant to have a game of pool in a fresh area.

4 Am Bar khon Kaen

This bar has also a small terrace in front where you can enjoy your drinks and observe the traffic passing the street. This street is a little bit quieter than the 7/11 one and it’s cool to have a drink outside. Also, the 4 am bar is a very good venue to have a drink before heading to dinner in Khon Kaen or an after dinner places:)

Ying, the owner and Nuch will welcome you perfectly. It’s a friendly and cosy place to have a drink and you will feel welcome very fast.

One thing we love about that bar is the music, Progressive, trans and house are playing at the opening. The 2 speakers have a very good sound system. It’s nice to seat at the counter and listening something different from the other bars. The owner has the feeling to find some very good tracks…Moments, Solence, Day of Time… best Dj set…
Few times per year, the owner invite some DJ friends to come to play, so keep up with them social media to know when is the next party.


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4 AM Khon Kaen