Khon Kaen

Yokotai Khon Kaen

Yokotai restaurant and bar in Khon Kaen.

Yokotai Khon Kaen

A little bit of Holland in Isan at Yokotai 🙂 This place is located in a perfect place in Khon kaen. +/- in the middle of the nightlife of the town. after a good run in the bars around, it’s good to come to Yokothai restaurant to have solid western food in your stomach before heading to the room. And for those who love local food, this place is also to be recommended for Thai food.

So for us, this place is good all day. generous choice of breakfast early in the morning, to late evening meals. Yokothai evolve, a new front shop with a bar counter was built and they also added a bar in front of the Pullman hotel.
The bar in front of the Pullman is well designed and the tables are made with the parts of a bicycle, very cool.

Yokothai Bar Khon kaen

The atmosphere and the design

A lot of change recently at Yokothai, it looks like the place is heading toward more functionalities. It’s still first a restaurant, but as we said before, a new counter with high stools was added in the front of the shop. A new air-co bar was built at the back of the restaurant and faces the Pullman hotel. In this same bar, a large outside counter has been added with high stools and some funny bicycles tables.

Yokothai Khon Kaen

What’s to eat at Yokothai?

Thai food, of course, a large choice of Thai dishes are available on the menu. Western food, different choices of breakfast set in the morning, a lot of Netherland specialities like the “Frikandel” and a lot of different western dishes available.
Prices are the average for this kind of establishment, and we don’t think western dishes were expensive. It’s a good place to go eat with friends and family.

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