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Ta Fishing tackle shop Khon Kaen

Ta Fishing tackle Khon Kaen

Welcome to Ta Fishing tackle shop in Khon Kaen, one of the best Tackle shops in town. Here you will find all you need to go out and fishing in rivers, lakes, ponds or sea. The shop is packed with all you need to start fishing, for novice or pro anglers. In that shop, you will find everything you need to go fishing, from reel to rod, hooks, carbon filaments, floats,… tackle box, baits,…

Fishing Tackle Khon Kaen

Ta, the owner knows very well her shop. She knows what she sells and she has a lot of knowledge about fishing. She is very nice and she is good at giving advice. Listening to her before buying something can be a good choice. Just remember one thing. Ta doesn’t speak English, so bring a translator with you or practise your Thai language with her.

Fishing reel Khon Kaen

The speciality of the shop is, in my opinion, more on fishing tackles than on fishing baits or food. Lure, rod, reel, hook,… and many more are available in the shop.

Fishing Shop Khon Kaen

The shop has a bait and food area outside as well, there you will find all you need to catch your first fish. Fishing in Isan is very well known. There is a lot of ponds, river and lake to go fishing in. If you are a fishing lover, you must know that every weekend, there is competition all over the Isan area. The fishing contest is happening every Saturday, and Sunday all year long. And some on National holiday day.