Khon Kaen

Suwanno Hotel

Suwanno Hotel Khon kaen... Strategically situated in Khon Kaen Shopping Center, allowing you access and proximity to local attractions and sights.

Suwannol Hotel Khon Kaen

The Suwannol Hotel Khon Kaen is a very good place for a few night’s stop and a located in a great location. In the middle of the town, this hotel is very well located and equipped. No coffee shop or swimming pool but lovely room and well decorated. Comfortable, with the minimum requirement for this type of accommodation. Every room has its own parking space, which makes this hotel an ideal place for car travellers. Located behind the Bar area of Khon Kaen, rooms are very well isolated from the noise of them. Very quiet place to stay. For those who like to work when travelling, the Wifi is super fast and the desk comfortable.

Hotel Khon Kaen

Do not miss this entrance, the hotel isn’t on the street but in a small alley back. To enter the hotel you will have to drive between the Ayutthaya bank and the Empire clinic. As you can see, it’s very close to everything. Even the noise of the construction of the new hotel and Tukcom close by will not disturb you.

As we said before, this hotel is very comfortable, it’s like a little oasis in the middle of the town. Rooms are quite large with a queen-size bed, led lamp reading lamp, coffee and water in the room. Open shelf for your clothes and large dek and a comfy chair to work on the computer. The bathroom is smaller but that is enough, Shampoo and soap dispenser are on the wall.

The room has its own parking lot and you have also a small area behind your pavilion. A lovely small terrace with plants faces the room… it’s just missing a table and chairs there:)

Suwannol Khon Kaen

To resume, we were there during the Songkran period of 2022, and we had a great time in the Suwannol hotel Khon Kaen. The owner speaks very good English, so it will not be difficult for a foreigner to book this place or ask for something. In the evening, there are plenty of street food vendors, so it’s easy to get food at night time.