Khon Kaen

Pukorkarn – Dee

A little gem in the Ban Kok road area... nestled along a real Thai street, come to discover this hidden's fantastic

Pukorkarn - Dee food&drink

One day a customer said: A most excellent small bar/cafe. Food choice is outstanding and at exceptionally reasonable pricing, beer, spirits and cocktails with an extensive selection. A most enjoyable couple of visits – I just wish places like this existed in my locality.

yes, it’s true, located far from the city centre and its tourist hub, Pukorkarn – Dee attract a large choice of customers from local to foreigners living here. it is a little restaurant/bar located along Ban Kok road ( Northeastern University) and is good for the area, and especially for the foreigners living in the neighbourhood.

Pukokarn restaurant

For those who are not so fancy to head to the city, Pukokarn offers a large choice of western cuisine.

Something nice about that place is the menu… just written on a blackboard. easy to read. Chef recommendations are available and I think change every month. You can follow the Facebook page of the restaurant to be aware of the new menu or parties. Pepsi, the owner, is a veritable cordon bleu and can cook a lot of different dishes.

From Pizza to mussel tomato sauce or braised lamb shank. The restaurant offers a large choice of burgers, western soup, salads and also pasta.

khon kaen steak

Thai food is also available and you can enjoy a large variety of spirits, cocktails or beers at the bar counters. The atmosphere there is very friendly. Pepsi and his wife are very cool. the service is perfect and you will feel very welcome there.

The bar/restaurant design is typically Thai. Wooden bench and chair, bamboo wall. There is also a small garden area at the back of the restaurant.

khon Kaen Tacos

So, why do you have to go there… it’s a very cosy place and friendly. This family speak English are cooking delicious western cuisine. For those who are in khon Kaen for a few days, it will be interesting to go out of the city centre and all it’s fancy and cosy places. Go local, discover a street and its community living there.