Khon Kaen

Napha Cafe

Ace of Cup Cafe' Khon Kaen is a very nice coffee shop well run and managed by 2 lovely shop owners.

ณ•ภา NAPHA Cafe'

Napha Cafe is now Ace of Cup Cafe: new article will come soon

here is the new location: Map

Located not too far from the Kaen Nakhon lake on the corner of the Rop Bueng and the Chalerm Prakiat road. This coffee shop is very well-decorated and is coming with a lot of personal touch from the shop owners. Of course…Instagram fans will love the mirror located in the centre of the cafe. This cafe has also a large outdoor area where they serve some beers during some periods of the year.

NAPHA Cafe Khon Kaen

We found this shop on the way to the Wat Mahathat temple and we weren’t aware of this shop…no friends or followers recommendations.. and it’s a very nice coffee shop.
As espresso and Latte fans, we really fall in love with them. Very good espresso and Latte:)

The 2 shop owners Jane and Fai are very sympathetic and nice and speak English, that’s makes the shop a place to go for foreigners.

Cafe khon Kaen

This unique decorated cafe is a unique place, especially for those who want to read a magazine or work on their laptop.
The atmosphere is very pleasant there and you feel comfortable like you are at home.

All the very good drinks you can find in a coffee shop are sold here, of course, the coffee is excellent. They have also Milk and tea. In addition to other drinks menu, the shop also has a selection of bakeries for customers: such as authentic French butter crusade, guaranteed freshness and freshly baked by the shop every morning.  There are snacks to choose from, such as fresh waffles and homemade cookies.

You need to follow their Facebook page because the bakery menu changes every week or every day. They don’t have the same choice of cake, pastries,… daily

Chocolate peanut butter cake, Matcha Red Bean Cake, Strawberry Short Cake and even French cookie: Lotus 🙂

Lotus cookie Khon Kaen

Strawberry tart

So… Espresso, Latte and pastry shop lovers, that is the place to go…
Tea fans are welcome too, the shop proposes a tea set menu,…