Khon Kaen


Masuk Bar Khon Kaen

Masuk Khon Kaen

Masuk Khon Kaen is in the middle of the town, near the biggest hotels. Easy to reach by foot from your accommodations. No entrance fee…At this time you have to buy an ATK test and perform it before entering the club ( 60 Bahts).
In fact, there are 2 clubs inside:

  • Masuk: electronic music played by a DJ in an open-air room
  • ROO รู: Hip Hop Bar

The entrance is the same for both clubs, but the ROO รู club is more at the back and with a roof.

Masuk Khon Kaen

This bar is opening around 6 pm and starts to be packed very quickly. Customers of all ages and social conditions come to that club. Of course not too many foreigners inside, but the staffs are very friendly and can speak English. Prices are very reasonable for this kind of place…beers start at 60 Baths and the bottle of Samsong, a bucket of ice and 2 coke mixers at 500 Bahts. Cocktails are available served by glass, buckets or syringes.

It’s difficult to have a table closer to the DJ, maybe it can be booked in advance but the first bar area at the entrance is a perfect spot to drink. This counter has tools and from there you can have a good view of the club. There is a second counter bar near the DJ station but it’s more like a service bar. There are also 2 VIP rooms with air-con and a large glass window but everybody seems to like the outdoor room.

Bar Masuk Khon Kaen

Masuk Khon Kaen doesn’t have a website or a Facebook page to stay connected with them, but ROO รู Hip Hop Club Have.

They organize a lot of different theme parties, so follow them on Facebook to get the latest event news.

Masuk, ready to party