Khon Kaen

KK Falabella Horse

Khon kaen KK Falabella Horse...Café, restaurant...animal amusement park for the kids. All these activities are in one, located outside the city of Khon kaen, on road 230 to Chiang Yuen.

KK Falabella Horse Khon Kaen

KK Falabella horse is a very beautiful and original place. A breath of fresh air for those who want to be in the countryside and not too far from the city. Recommended for families with children, the KK Fabella is a delight for young and old alike.
Located in a quiet location, this farm/ranch is the perfect place to spend an afternoon enjoying good food, drinking excellent coffee and having fun with the children.




American ranch in Khon Kaen

The place is super well appointed and looks a bit like an American ranch. It includes stables, henhouses, a coffee shop, a restaurant, enclosures where you can see ponies, sheep, goats, … a huge gardens with swings and … teepees. The garden around the terrace is beautiful, with a small waterfall and rivers filled with Koi fish. Vintage wooden tables and chairs, lush plants, everything are there to have a good time.

khon kaen coffee shop

You can go there with children but also with adults. To have a good coffee or smoothies with a dessert or to eat some good Thai dishes. A la carte there are also some western dishes and international beers (Belgian and German).
The prices are quite reasonable overall for the services offered and it really is a well-done place.
The ideal time to go is late afternoon, the heat is more bearable and as night falls early in Thailand the lighting makes this place magical.

KK Falabella

Made for the kids

The KK Falabella horse is a wonderful place for children, they can have a good time, ride a pony, feed sheep, goats, chickens, … There are swings, a large area covered with grass where there are teepees. on the restaurant/coffee shop side, ice creams and cakes will delight more than one.


khon kaen ponies

As for the staff, they are super welcoming, very kind and as usual in Thailand … smiling. Sometimes a slightly unusual waiter comes to visit you. Indeed during our last visit, “carrot” one of the ponies wandered around the tables for the joy of young and old.