Khon Kaen

King Kong Restaurant

King Kong Restaurant & Bar Khon Kaen Western and Thai food.

King Kong Restaurant & Bar Khon Kaen

King Kong restaurant in Khon Kaen is owned by an American guy and his Thai wife. They do an extensive range of both western and Thai dishes. They regularly have specials available and provide decent sized portions. The chefs ensure you don’t leave unsatisfied, presentation of the dishes is also very good. The staff are friendly and attentive. The best meal there imo is the Brisket of beef which is on the specials about once per month.

King Kong Khon Kaen

The range of dishes should satisfy most palates. You get a fair number of Farangs (Foreigners) who regularly eat there with friends or their Thai partners, so there’s always a good atmosphere. They also cover sports events, for example, the American Super Bowl, that day the theme was American, with great burgers, ribs and steaks available.

This is the essence of King Kong They do good-sized portions compared to anyone else. Their brisket special about every 4 to 6 weeks is very popular The meat melts in your mouth It’s awesome But, then Americans know how to do steaks, burgers and ribs etc

The owners and their staff ensure you are well taken care of and regularly seek feedback to help them with future dishes and events. Follow them on Facebook to ensure to not miss the next event.

Khon Kaen Restaurant

The King Kong restaurant’s menu is well extensive, from starters to desserts. There is a large choice of Sandwiches and burgers ( more than 14 different ones), and they serves also Italian pasta. But the main reason to come here is for The Sunday Roast or The Tex-Mex.

But it’s all about burgers here and the King Kong restaurant is a well-known address in Khon Kaen for its famous burgers.

Thank Shaun