Khon Kaen

King cobra bistro

King Cobra bistro and restaurant in Khon Kaen, Thailand.

King Cobra Bistro

Welcome to the king Cobra bar and restaurant.

This is one of a place to recommend in the city of Khon Kaen. The staff and the management are very friendly, the place is cooler than the other places on the street.
Located in a small street along with the Pullman hotel, this bistro/restaurant is a good place to eat or have a drink.
Well decorated with trees and plants, the terrace welcomes you very well. A level further than the terrace, you will find a lounge area with comfortable seating and low tables.
And finally, at the end the bar counter and high tables with stools.

King Cobra Bar Khon Kaen

King Cobra Bar Khon Kaen

Like in the other place the city has to offer, the prices here are very reasonable, of course, dishes are more expensive than street food vendors. It’s like a brasserie in Belgium, drink and eat. The lady in the kitchen knows her job, fresh and succulents, Thai or western food, she can cook all.
At the moment, we don’t know yet if this place will organize special dinners or events.

King Cobra Restaurant Khon Kaen

About the drinks, Samsong with coke and Leo beer are the stars of the night. Since this place has just opened its door, the wine will be available soon.

We are here in the city of Khon Kaen for a few days and all we can say is that the place has customers all day.


About the atmosphere of the King Cobra Khon Kaen

It’s a good place to have a drink or a meal in the “red district of Khon Kaen“. It’s located on a peaceful street, and the bar has a large opening so fresh air is everywhere.

A night in Khon Kaen

What is King Cobra’s clientele?

It looks like there are a lot of expats going to this place. Also tourists from the different hotels located in the area.
This bar is also a fan base for Khon Kaen United Football Club, so… a lot of fan goes have a drink there and meet before or after the game.

Khon kaen bar

For those who are looking to eat an English breakfast, the one at King Cobra is good and cheap. We tasted the Thai food there and some dishes were tasting delicious. The Yam Moon Seng Talay was fantastic as the Nam Tok moo 🙂