Khon Kaen

Khon Kaen DC

Welcome to Khon Kaen DC...Street Bar and craft beers... Anyone who loves 📀Afro beat 📀Reggae ton music, Hip-hop, don't miss it...

khon Kaen DC

DC bar & Craft beer…

What a lovely place, that’s the place to be after midnight. Like an after-club in the ’80s.
If you need a place to finish your night on a high tempo, that is the place to head up. Ok, no Electro or house music,… a lot of afros, reggae, hip-hop, soul music… but it’s magical at night

Craft Beer Khon kaen

What we can say about the customers there,… everybody is welcome. It’s like all family, old, young, foreigners, Thai locals, teachers, nurses,… everybody meet for the party.

There is really a good vibe in that bar and you will feel very comfortable. Speaking about comfort, the Sofas are excellent there :), otherwise, the oil tank tables are spot on to sit around too. the top spot around Pullman Hotel Khon Kaen

DC Khon Kaen

What about the drinks… like in a Thai bar or Thai disco… you will have the possibility to drink large Chang, Leo, and Singha bottles with an ice bucket. Of course, the bar service also has small beer bottles. The bar also has craft beer…

Khon Kaen DC Craft Beers

Khon Kaen Dc is well known for its Craft beers…Mulberry, Strawberry Cider, IPA, Weizen,… so craft beer lovers, you will need to have a look at the menu and come to taste some refreshing good ones here. Belgian beer lovers, this is the place to go, the fridge is full of them 🙂

craft beer Khon Kaen

Disco bar Khon kaen

What destinations Apart think about that place? we like it, it’s fun, enjoyable, comfortable, the party is handsome, the staff is great and very polite. DJs come and go but are very talented like in larger clubs, follow their Facebook page to be updated with the line-up.

The location is in the middle of the Kosa Hotel and the Pullman Hotel, where all the Khon Kaen Nightlife for foreigners is.