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DonBom Café

DonBom Cafe'... slow bar coffee and bakery homemade in Khon Kaen

DonBom Cafe khon Kaen

DonBom cafe has moved out of the city… not too far. easy to go there by motorbike or car. And it’s worth going 🙂 Therefore, this Cafe is a lovely place to go and offers fresh ingredients from their garden.

The place is easy to find it’s the street opposite the Big C on Road 230.

DonBom Café

What to expect here and what to drink… in Donbom cafe… First, you need to taste the coffee from the ROK Espresso GC (the ROK EspressoGC is quite unique. It really is a revolution in how these machines work. It’s been updated with an improved list of glass composite components, the machine is completely redesigned with a better piston assembly, and it produces a quality amount of pressure. The result is that this machine is hotter, produces a richer crema, and makes a fantastically tasty espresso. And it does all this without needing an insane amount of force. )

The menu:

The best coffee there to taste is the Dark Bean from Myanmar. There are also specialists in Matcha, and craft chocolate.. have a look also at the classic one :

Craft chocolate Khon Kaen

Coffee Linjee Nitro, Sparkling coffee, Coffee Bug Shots, Latte, Yuz Orange Cappuccino,…  The different coffee, latte, milk, tea or chocolate is impressive. You have to pass the door and have a look inside to be sure not to miss your favourite beverage. The menu is in Thai language but it’s very easy to translate it with your phone.

ROK Espresso

Mr Teesarak is a very good bartender and coffee maker, he knows a lot about coffee and he is very sympathetic. He knows how to keep his customer at his counter 😉

You feel very welcome in this Khon Kaen Coffee shop, it’s cosy and you can stay on a tool or seat on the lovely patio well designed.

DonBom Cafe Patio Khon Kaen


They didn’t use conventional coffee machines and instead use manual coffee makers… the result is awesome.

Please follow the Facebook page to know more about this place.

The coffee shop has a large choice of homemade pastries, cookies, and cakes. Every day is a different choice, so you will need to come often to taste them all.

Cookie Khon Kaen

The latest news about the Donbom. Since there are out of the city and more in a “greener zone” they are able to have a garden and grow their own ingredients. The main ones are lemon trees, so we recommended drinking at the shop “Lemon Please”. Pure Lemon Homemade recipe of Donbom Cafe.