Where to drink a coffee in Mons ?

It’s the morning, and you are craving a very good coffee or hot beverage, accompanied with a small breakfast or you are looking for an afternoon snack, here are our selections of coffee and brunch shop in Mons.

MoMa Coffee

Unmissable place in Mons if you want to drink a good personalized coffee, very fresh smoothies, and even real frappuccinos. you feel like New York inside, there is a large choice of drinks, from coffee to hot chocolate, and tea. Bagels and pastries are homemade. Thanks to the owner passion for what she does. The atmosphere is warm with friendly staff, the place may be small but you still can use outdoor tables when the weather is sunny. This place has also electrical outlets everywhere on bar shelves or the wall for your laptop and the shop has free wi-fi.

Address: Rue de la Coupe 10, 7000 Mons
Opening Hours: Tue to Fri 7.45 Am to 5.00 Pm
Sat 11 Am to 5 Pm
Closed on Sunday and Monday


The Baromètre opens early in the morning (7.30 am), fresh croissants with or without chocolate., A good place to start the day for those who don’t have the time to eat breakfast or drink a cup of coffee at home. The service is fast and friendly with only one choice of menu: 1 Coffee + 1 croissant, simple but effective. Don’t worry about bad weather condition, the Baromètre has a long covered and heated terrace.

The Baromètre is also open every day early and till late, that is why you need to go for an early coffee, a latte or tea with your friends while watching sports events on the big screen tv or after a meal at a local restaurant.

Address: 30 Marché aux Herbes
Opening Hours: Mon to Fri 7.30 AM till late
Sat – Sun 9 AM till late

Green Witches

Another shop has opened recently near the theatre of Mons: ‘The Green Witches’.
Yes, it’s possible to have some eco-friendly witches :), these 3 girls will propose sandwiches, soup, salads, fresh fruit juices and are open early for breakfast. ( 7.30 Am) The shop also proposes some vegan alternatives to their normal sandwiches.
All products are coming from local producers, you can eat inside, at the terrace or takeaways, and everything is served with a smile from … some witches 🙂

Address: 2 Rue Neuve
Opening Hours: Every day 7 am to 5 pm Sunday: closed

Le pain Quotidien

Another different place to experience a cup of coffee or brunch with this well-known coffee shop not so far from the grand place of Mons. The Pain Quotidien offers morning breakfast with fresh bread around convivial shared tables. A dinner menu is also available for lunch. All the products proposed are very fresh and come from a local shop.

Address: Rue d’Havré 10
Opening Hours: Mon to Sat 8 Am to 6.30 Pm
Sun: 8 Am- 4 Pm

Pigalle Délice

A new shop has opened recently and it’s brilliant, the Pigalle Délice coffee (Tea room) the owner is not Peter Sellers 🙂 but the shop has been painted in pink colour, walls, seats… lovely. A very nice place for Instagram and off course brunch lovers. pancake is the speciality of the shop with pastries, Bagels too. The shop is also a nice place to celebrate a birthday party with all the different kinds of house-made cake.

Address: Rue de Nimy, 94
Opening Hours: Every day 9 am to 6 pm

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