Summer activities in the mountains with children: complete guide.

Enjoy a summer vacation in the mountains with various activities for the whole family. Hiking, swimming in the lakes, canoeing, tree climbing, and cultural discoveries await you. Nature walks are perfect for little ones, while older ones can venture into more intense activities like rafting or climbing. Local petting zoos and museums offer educational and fun experiences. Get ready to create unforgettable memories during your mountain vacation. So get ready to go to the mountains with children.

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Hikes and nature walks

Hiking is an essential activity during a mountain vacation. They allow you to discover breathtaking landscapes and enjoy the fresh air.

  • Easy hikes: Ideal for young children, these hikes offer marked trails and little elevation change.Plus there are easy for you in case you have to carry your kids.
  • More difficult hikes: For families with older children or teenagers, choose routes with more challenges and stunning views. Choose some with a few shelters along the route.

Tips for hiking with children

Choose routes suited to the age and physical condition of your children.

Remember to equip yourself well: walking shoes, appropriate clothing, hats and sunscreen.

Be in mind that you will have to carry your kids, so know your limits.

Plan regular breaks and snacks to keep children energized.

Make hiking an adventure by including games or activities like searching for natural treasures.

hiking with children

Swimming and aquatic activities

The mountain also offers numerous lakes and rivers to swim or practice aquatic activities.

Swimming: Mountain lakes are often equipped with supervised beaches where you can enjoy complete safety.
Canoeing and kayaking: For an adventure on the water, canoeing and kayaking are perfect options. Some rivers offer descents suitable for families.
Rafting: For the more adventurous, rafting is an exciting activity that can be done as a family, under the supervision of experienced guides.

Aerial and sensational activities

For those seeking thrills, the mountain also offers aerial and outdoor activities.

  • Tropical adventure: Treetop adventure parks are perfect for a day of adventure. The courses are often suitable for all ages.
  • Zip line: For a dose of adrenaline, the zip lines offer breathtaking views of the mountainous landscapes while providing thrills.
  • Climbing: Climbing is a rewarding physical activity that can be practiced on natural or artificial walls. Lessons are often available for beginners.

Cultural and educational discoveries

Mountain vacations can also be an opportunity to discover local culture and learn as a family.

  • Visit to educational farms: Children love discovering animals and life on the farm. Educational farms often offer interactive activities.
  • Local museums: Area museums often have exhibits on the flora, fauna and history of the mountain.
  • Craft workshops: Take part in workshops to discover traditional mountain trades and know-how, such as pottery or cheese making.

Relaxation and well-being activities

After a day of activities, it is important to relax and enjoy moments of well-being with your family.

  • Pools and spas: Many mountain hotels and resorts offer pools and spas where you can relax.
  • Outdoor picnics: Take advantage of the beautiful landscapes to organize family picnics. Bring local produce and enjoy a meal surrounded by nature.
  • Evenings under the stars: Take advantage of the clarity of the nights in the mountains to observe the stars. It’s a magical activity that will amaze young and old.

Preparation and organization

For your mountain with children vacation to be successful, good preparation is essential.

  • Find out about available activities and book in advance if necessary.
  • Prepare suitable equipment: clothing, shoes, sun protection, etc.
  • Plan fallback options in case of bad weather, such as indoor activities.
  • Involve children in preparing for the trip to motivate and enthuse them.


Summer vacations in the mountains with children can be an unforgettable experience, full of adventures and discoveries. By following this guide, you are guaranteed to spend memorable moments with your family, while enjoying the benefits of nature and the pure mountain air. Get ready to create treasured memories and strengthen family bonds with these varied and enriching activities.

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