Khao Sok National Park, Thailand

How to make the most of the park?

Khao Sok National Park has a great location in the middle between Phuket, Krabi, Khao Lak and Koh Samui, which are popular destinations in southern Thailand. It’s a fantastic place to spend a few days. Encounters with elephants, hiking in the jungle on foot or on the lake in canoeing, take photos of animals, are all activities that will give you a unique experience.

Khao Sok National Park

How to get to khao sok national park?

To reach it by plane, the nearest airport is Surat Thani which has taxis or minibuses to the park. You can also access the park from other provinces with the service of tour operators, taxis and minibuses. We recommend staying at least 3 days and 2 nights if you want to visit a minimum of this beautiful place. Many accommodations are available, from luxury hotels to bungalows on floating rafts, through tree houses or tents.

Accommodations around Road 401 are a good alternative if you don’t want to be too isolated on the lake and discover some local life and village activities.

Khao Sok
Bungalows on the lake at Khao Sok

About the park

Khao Sok is both rainforest and an evergreen forest. There are +/- 200 different floral species per hectare, making it one of the most biologically diverse areas (the average forests in Europe or North America have only about 10 tree species per hectare).

The Khao Sok National Park is home to many animals, all of them under guarded freedom. With more than 48 species of mammals, over 300 different kinds of birds, 30 bats species, and countless reptiles and insects, Khao Sok is a more than diverse park in terms of its fauna. A wonder for the eyes and nature lovers.

With all kinds of animals, its beautiful nature and a wonderful lake, Khao Sok is a destination recommended for families with children. A lot of activities are available there, and it is impossible to get bored.

Monkey at the lake
Flora at Khao Sok
Thai Elephant

When to go?

We recommend coming to the park outside the Thai school holidays because there will be fewer groups and accommodations are making great offers (especially during May, June, September, and October). It rains the most during this period at Khao Sok, but the temperatures are much cooler and more bearable.

What to see?

Nearly everything nature has to offer. The main attraction of Khao Sok is the lake. Humans created it, but there is no other lake in the world like this one. You can do a lot of activities there:

  • canoeing on the lake
  • trekking in the forest
  • waterfalls swimming
  • eating with locals
  • animals watching.
    The list is extensive. Just try to see all of it.

Khao Sok Map

in Khao Sok, you will have more chances to see wild elephants compared to Erawan waterfall… if you wake up early in the morning.

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