How to pass one day in Mons

How to pass a one day in Mons? What to do and to see…

So, finally, you are in Mons. how to make the most of the town? how to pass one day there? here is my recommendation…. first, in the morning, you can have breakfast in your hotel or in the town. Then if it’s the case, you can head to the “pain quotidien” in the street of “havré”, where they serve breakfast. Or in the ‘MoMa café” in the street of “de la Coupe”. Greenwitches is another alternative for Vegan lovers.

Head towards the Grand-Place de Mons and its town hall. On the facade, you will see the statue of the little monkey of Mons, the city’s lucky charm. In the inner courtyard of the town hall, there are indicative signs to find out a little more about the history of this building and the events that took place during the war. When you are inside the town hall, just opposite there is a tunnel. Follow it and you will come to the statue of “Ropieur”. Continue further inside to go to your first museum, the Doudou Museum. You will learn about the history of an event held once a year. It seems like everyone in the city of Mons gathers on the Grand-Place to see St-Georges on horseback fighting a dragon.

Leaving the museum, head to the only baroque belfry still in existence. It was built between 1661 and 1672 by Louis Ledoux (architect and sculptor) and Vincent Anthony (architect and surveyor). A symbol of the city of Mons and an important landmark. It houses an interpretation centre dedicated to its history and its recognition as UNESCO heritage. Through its panoramic lift, (re) discover the panorama via the ‘Fenêtres du Temps’, four innovative multimedia screens.

Leaving the belfry, you can head to the Saint Waltrude Collegiate Church, named in honour of Saint Waudru of Mons. This old church is a protected monument. Inside you will be able to see the “Car d’Or” (The highlight of the Ducasse de Mons is the climb of the Car d’Or) and the ‘Chasse of St Waudru’.

In the afternoon, you can visit the Memorial museum; around 15 min walk from the grand place of Mons. A large permanent exhibition confronts the public with the military history of the Mons region. From the Middle Ages to the 20th century. Through the fates of the men and women who witnessed events, visitors are immersed in the day-to-day lives of soldiers and civilians in times of peace, of war and occupation.

At the end of the afternoon, you can start to taste local beers, spirits or wines. If not, maybe some prefer to go shopping in the pedestrian street of Mons or if you like casual clothes to the District Fripiers. After this, Head to the ‘Marché aux herbes”. Try to have a drink at the Quartier Latin, the owner has his own beer brewery, which means it’s beer tasting time. Next to it, if you are a coffee fan, you can taste an Italian espresso at the barometer. For alcohol and shooter, head to the Atelier pub, with its long counter and more than 100 different shooters. It has also an impressive list of Gin and Rum.

In the evening for the dinner, you will have a large choice of restaurants and cuisine. Be aware that some are required to book a table. Like the “l’Envers”, or some have a hidden terrace-like at “La Grillade”.

After that, there are so many places to enjoy the end of your evening, the last cocktail in a bar, like at the Modjo. Head to some disco bars to dance, have a last drink on the beautiful ‘grand place de Mons’. Take a walk on the streets and discover the town by night. Further, you can also go to the theatre or watch a movie. Experience games in the club, try an escape room, seat and relax at the terrace of a brasserie.

This is how to pass one day in Mons. if you need more details about this town, you can head to the Mons travel guide section or in the directory section of the site. In this directory, you will find our recommended address to drink, eat, sleep, place to see and visit.

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