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There are so many things to do and see in Mons, especially during a weekend trip. It’s one of those cities which is perfect for a long weekend, exploring all the historic sites, eating local food and tasting Belgian beers.

Take a look at some of the very best haunts and things to do in Mons that you can easily see and do across a weekend.

Here are the things to do or to see on foot inside the city of Mons. Remember, museums are free on the first Sunday of each month.

Grand Place and the city hall

Grand place of Mons

That’s the first thing to do. In one place, the city hall, the “singe du Grand’Garde, restaurants and bars. A very beautiful place with old houses, public benches to relax, a fountain, what a great location to start your day. There is a market on Friday morning, so be prepared to do some purchases.

Le Singe du Grand’Garde

Monkey of Mons

According to Mons folklore, stroking the head of the little monkey in the town hall brings good luck. This iron statue has been part of the life of the people of Mons for generations, but its origins remain a mystery to this day.

The renovation of the facade of Mons town hall has just started. And the Grand’Garde Monkey, firmly attached to the facade, will also undergo a facelift. In a few months, it will be taken over by a foundry. The objective is to check its condition and apply platinum to it to protect it. In the meantime, the most famous of Mons is locked in a box.

Firmly attached to the facade of the town hall, the little monkey, also called the “Grand Garde monkey”, is one of the most emblematic symbols of Mons, along with the Doudou. This is a real tourist attraction since this little animal would bring good luck to anyone who strokes its head with its left hand. His skull is polished from being continuously stroked by locals and passing tourists. When they arrive in town, distinguished guests are invited to make this symbolic gesture. For example, Leopold III and Astrid of Sweden (prince and princess at the time) greeted him on July 8, 1928.

Le ropieur Statue

Le Ropieur Mons

In the magnificent gardens of Mayeur in Mons, you can discover the Ropieur fountain. The ‘ropieur’ is the symbol of the Mons boy. This street urchin, joker and mischievous, wait for the passer-by to splash him by deflecting the water jet with his hand. A quote describes it as follows: “frank as a nasty but good as the bread”

Doudou Museum

Dou Dou Museum

Discover the ritual of the ‘Ducasse of Mons’ all year round! Through objects from the collections of the City of Mons museums and technological devices, the space invites you to discover the Ducasse de Mons, recognized by UNESCO in 2005.

The Belfry

Saint Waltrude Collegiate Church

The Sainte-Waudru collegiate church in Mons is a Brabant-Gothic church. It’s dedicated to Saint Waudru, the patron saint of the city. The chapter of Sainte-Waudru decided the construction of the building. The work began in 1450 and lasted for 241 years. Architects from Mons and Leuven has drawn the original plans (Mathieu de Layens among others). Builders followed the plans very well which gives the building its harmony

Eat at the best restaurants

Jade De Chine Mons

Food lovers, that’s the place to be. This town offers so much different types of cuisine. However, it will be difficult to make your choice. From Michelin’s and Gault & Millau restaurants to snacks, brasserie, fast casual and also host table.

Discover the best restaurants in Mons

Arts Museum Francois Duesberg

Museum Francois Duesberg

More about The Duesberg Museum

Search for Art

Painted houses in Mons

As you walk in the street of Mons, you can see many different kinds of painting on the house facade.

Mons Memorial Museum

Mons Memorial Museum

More about the Mons Memorial Museum

Taste Belgian Beers

Chin Chin Mons

Mons is famous for its nightlife, especially on Friday and Saturday evenings. In this town, you can find different types of bars. You can seat a chair on a terrasse, visit an underground cellar, a disco bar, an elegant brasserie, lounge,… all kinds of drinks for all ages can be found in this town.

Discover the best bars in Mons

On Sunday morning, the local market

Old Mrket on Sunday Morning Mons

The famous Sunday market in Mons, flowers, food, clothes, hardware,… stall, food trucks,… and of course bars. What a spot to not miss, every Sunday a lot of locals meet there to shop or to have a drink. You will discover a fantastic vibe there and maybe you will fall into a drink ambush.

BAM Museum

Bam museum Mons

The BAM is designed as a unique experience, a space for discovering artistic creation in all its forms, also a place of life where events take place all year round. This resolutely contemporary architectural project combines functionality and museum rigour with aesthetics since the museum’s architecture gives pride of place to luminous circulation spaces favouring transparency.

Eat “French Fries”


In conclusion, yes, that is something you have to do when you are in Belgium, it’s like a ritual. You cannot visit this country without tasting their famous fries.

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