Quartier Latin Mons

Le Quartier latin has been a bar in the life of the locals for over 20 years! A friendly place where all generations mingle and make it a unique place in Mons. Organization of parties, birthdays, broadcasts of major sporting events, ...

Quartier Latin Mons

About the bar:

When you are craving a drink in Mons, especially on Friday night, The Quartier Latin bar is one of the places to be. Of course, the bar is also open all the week-long, a lot of people come to have a drink here. Students, workers, businessmen,… the place is for all kinds of persons.
When the sun is up, it’s the moment to sit at the terrace and taste a local beer. ( Ask for “la Montoise”).

Le quartier latin Mons

What is Quartier Latin’s clientele?

This place is well known and it’s a good bar for locals or travellers. There is all kind of different people who come to relax, eat sandwiches or to have a lunch break. many students gather here, working colleagues, … and on a Friday night, this place is literally packed.

quartier latin Mons

What to drink here?

The Quartier Latin bar is also well known because they have a brewery and it’s a good establishment to taste the famous local beer: “La Montoise”.

  • The traditional one: the blond Montoise, A refreshing blonde without too much bitterness 
  • L’original: the blond Montoise is a beer with citrus notes and a hint of coriander.
  • The sulphurous: the red Montoise, notes of cherry and strawberry mingle with the character of a generous beer in texture.
  • Freshness guaranteed: The white Montoise, a beer with an intense citrus bouquet, which combines both a lot of lightness and a spicy character.

There are also many other different beers coming all around Belgium and you have to try the Tripel Karmeliet draft.
Alcohols, cocktails, wines are also available here, in fact, all the ingredients to have a memorable souvenir and to have a good time.

La montoise beer

Why come to?

The first reason, to have a drink at Le Quartier Latin bar. But also to meet people for having fun. Travellers can have a taste of what it looks like to go out like a local. On a sunny day, the terrace is very charming and it good spot to chill out in the sun.

More info about this place is on their Facebook‘s page.

Le Quartier latin bar Mons