Mood bar

The Mood bar Mons. For Gin lovers, with a large terrace and Dj on Saturday night.

Mood Bar Mons

Interesting bar located in a quiet area of the town. It’s like a secret spot, a hidden gem, but at only 5 min walk from the grand place. The Mood bar is a good place to have a meeting with friends and have a Gin tasting, the speciality, and of course local beers.

About the decoration of the Mood bar.

Mood Bar Mons

A lot of Led lights, massive wood wall, leather stools. The counter may be small but it is enough friendly to stay at and enjoy a drink.

What are the specialities?

The Gin. The bar has a huge choice of this beverage and it can be served to your taste or how you like it. There is also other spirits, wine and local beers.

The atmosphere at the Mood Bar

It’s a very cosy and warm place to have a drink, you feel comfortable there. The light is very well dimed, and the music plays nicely in the background. There is a smoking room inside at the back of the bar. On a sunny day, you can enjoy your drink on the terrace under an umbrella, in a typical cobblestone area.

Outisde terrace

About the price

Prices are on the average of the town and tend to go more expensive on specialities. No fancy services, you are in a local bar with local or tourist customers.

About the customers

Large different types of customers go to the Mood Bar, it can be locals or visitors. You can find students, businessmen or tourists of all ages and budgets. The evening of Friday and Saturday are more crowded because there is some DJ and event night. The Mood organize also some cover nights, just follow their Facebook page to stay tuned.

Hidden gem bar in Mons

In resume, the ideal spot to relax after a day at work or a day visiting the town. Can be a good place also to party on the weekend, or enjoy a drink in a quiet part of the town.