Mon Bar à Tapas

Mon Bar à Tapas: If you are missing Spain, this is the bar/restaurant to go to while you are in the town of Mons.

You are in Mons and you are hungry and you don’t want to sit in a restaurant… you still want to stay at the bar counter, Mon Bar a Tapas is the place to be. It’s a lively tapas bar that serves tempting Spanish tapas and small plates inspired by the best products in each season.

Like in Spain, you can sit at the counter, or at the high tables near the open kitchen. Be aware that this restaurant doesn’t have too much seating, I will say around 30, 35 seats. The tables are small and are arranged to each other, though slightly packed creating a very cosy dining ambience.
So do not forget to book before heading to eat Spanish food.

Mon Bar A Tapas Mons

About the food:

So delicious. We have taken the 30 Euros menu with 6 tapas, cold and hot chosen by the cook himself. And for a surprise, it was a lovely surprise. The coldest first and the hotter later served with a basket of bread.

Mon Bar A Tapas Mons

Prices are very reasonable and plates are well proportioned. You can choose 2 prices: tapas or Racion (racion). In general, the food was fresh, delicious, and delightful, and it definitely deserves the time to eat there. It was nice to eat at the bar counter, the cold tapas were served first.

Tapas Mons
“Les filets d’anchois marinés” (Marinated anchovy fillets) and “poivrons farcis” (stuffed peppers)…so delicious. Then in the cold tapas came “La planche de charcuteries espagnoles ibériques” (The Iberian Spanish charcuterie board)…to not be missed. Following this… more plates are coming, Homemade tortillas prepared with love, Spanish giant mussels, Chicken breast skewers marinated in curry,…
Came also: Montadito Sobrasada Pata Negra: a large slice of bread, chorizo paste, white cheese and grilled chilli pepper… a killer tapas.

About drinks:

We didn’t choose to drink sangria or Spanish local beers but headed directly for a superb bottle of Mestizaje. Fresh and cold, left in an iced pot… nice with all the tapas.

You can find all kinds of Wine there ( white, pink, red), Sangria, cocktails, beers ( Spanish too), and soft drink. Something cool also about Mon Bar a tapas is that you can come to seat and have a drink. Coming here and having a Spanish drink with a plate of delicatessen can be done.

virtual sommelier

Mon Bar A Tapas use: WINEVIZER, a virtual sommelier!
Basically, it’s very simple, you scan the QR code present in the restaurant and you have access to the entire wine list but not only…You also have the technical sheet of each wine, the grape varieties, the price and the availability by the glass or only by the bottle,…But still, you can give your preferences (full-bodied, sweet, dry, fruity, …) or select your wine according to what you are going to eat …

General atmosphere

we feel good in this bar, good musical selection and the volume is not too loud. the stools and chairs are very comfortable. The staffs are very polite, friendly and very smiling. Chef Antony is at his job in the kitchen, he is really in his place and he knows how to magnify his tapas. With an open kitchen, the seats near the kitchen are the most popular to be able to observe the chef. Otherwise, seats at the counter are just as pleasant to chat with the bartender.

Mons Mon Bar A Tapas

In conclusion, very cosy place with a great atmosphere and of course a great selection of delicious Tapas and drinks. Not only for those who are missing Spain and the holidays.