Modjo Bar

The Modjo Mons is a cocktails & antipasti bar in Mons.

Modjor bar Mons

Something great is open everyday at the grand place of Mons, the Modjo, a fabulous cocktail & antipasti bar.

The place to go? certainly, you can not visit the grand place of Mons without a stop in this lounge bar.
If you are a fan of cocktails, beers, wines…and antipasti ( Cheeses, delicatessen on wooden board).

Antipasti board

Delicatessen board Modjo

About the decoration of the pub

When you enter the Modjo, an air of vacation is felt, with a decor worthy of the lounge bar of large hotels. Leather seats, long wooden counter bar and large shelves filled with bottles from all over the world.

What are the specialities of the Modjo lounge bar?

Cocktails of course … that’s why you have to seat at the counter to watch the barman prepare these fantastic beverages.
There are cocktails for everyone and every taste, of course, the classics and the homemade cocktails. All are made from fresh fruits and aromatic plants, rare spices and special spirits.

Antipasti are fantastic too, with 3 formulas served on a wooden board.

For those who are not fancy for a cocktail, the bar proposes a large choice of local beers, drafts and bottles with also a nice wine menu list and a local Champagne: The Rufus champagne.

Coktail Bar Mons

What else?

The atmosphere is cosy on 3 floors and in the summer with a terrace directly on the grand place of Mons. Nice ambient music with a very friendly staff. A very good place to go have a drink with friends or lovers or to have a meeting with colleagues.

Modjor Bar Mons

About the prices

When you enter this kind of establishment you will think is expensive, but prices are reasonable and the ratio price/quality is very good. It’s quality drinks with fresh and very tasty products.

Some small novelties at the Modjo recently:

  • Happy hours on Wednesday: 2 cocktails for 12 Euros
  • check out the Facebook page for more news


Modjo Happy Hours

Every Monday 6 pm to 10 pm
2 Mojito for 12€!!


planche Antipasti fromaggio

Every Tuesday from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. The Modjo offers you an Antipasti cheese and salami board + 2 Classic cocktails of your choice for 30€

Antipasto board:

-Spicy Provolone

-Sardinian Pecorino

-Spicy spianata

-Salami Milano

-Truffle salami

-green pepper

-Parmesan pieces

In Conclusion:

Several key factors make this cocktail bar stand out as exceptional. Here are some qualities of The Modjo cocktail bar:

  • Quality of the drinks: The Modjo is a good cocktail bar which serves well-made, high-quality beverages that are both creative and delicious. The bar has talented and experienced bartenders who know how to make balanced and tasty cocktails.
  • Atmosphere: The Bar has a cosy atmosphere. The space is well-designed, comfortable, and inviting. The lighting, the music, and the decor all work together to create a mood that enhances the experience of drinking cocktails.
  • Service: A good cocktail bar should have friendly and knowledgeable staff who are passionate about their craft. They should be able to provide recommendations, answer questions, and offer personalized service to each guest.
  • Selection: This good cocktail bar has friendly and knowledgeable staff who are passionate about their craft. They can provide recommendations, answer questions, and offer personalized service to each guest.
  • Innovation: The Modjo cocktail bar is innovative and constantly pushes the limit of what’s possible with cocktails. They experiment with new ingredients, techniques, and flavour combinations to create unique and memorable drinks.


Overall, the Modjo cocktail bar is a great place where guests can enjoy well-made, creative drinks in a comfortable and inviting atmosphere, with friendly and knowledgeable service.