Mini Bar Pattaya

Mini Bar Pattaya... Belgian street food..! French fries, Fricandelle, Bicky burger, Beef croquettes etc… From 13h until 23h non-stop The original “Moules Frites” on booking!

Mini Bar Pattaya

The Mini bar Pattaya… interesting concept in this place…a bar and Belgian street food 🙂

Easy to find, the bar is at the entrance of soi Lengkee when you are coming from the Soi Buakhao. The Mini Bar is small but it has everything like a large bar/restaurant. The left part is the bar and the right part is the restaurant. The bar has impressive shelves filled with different kinds of alcohol bottles. The list of the spirit available is enormous for a small bar.

Mini Bar Pattaya

The right part of the bar is dedicated to the “Belgian street food”. The first’s clean.. the kitchen is very clean.
Second impression…it’s cheap… it’s even cheaper than in Belgium. 190 Baht for 1 kg of mussels with french fries Belgian style, that is a very attractive price. The other dishes on the menu are also at a very low price but the quality is there.  The drinks also start at a reasonable price, Leo beer starts at 55 Baht and cocktails at 99 Baht. What about the Belgian street food… French fries with mayonnaise, burgers, chicken nuggets, mussels, cheese croquette, frikandel,… and many more. You can even have a special Belgian biscuit with your coffee: “the speculoos” by lotus.

Mini Bar restaurant Pattaya

It’s a street bar, so this place is really along the street with high tables and stools. It’s a nice place to seat and have food or drink but we will recommend going after 5 Pm because it can be very hot there. After 5 pm, the sun is going down and the bar has more shadow. This place is small and can be fully crowded very quickly, so do not hesitate to go early. Or, as the Belgian people do, eat something solid after a good night out drinking before going to bed.

Mini Bar Menu

so, we think is a very good concept and a place to go. The staff are very polite and friendly. After talking to a lot of customers and people around, this place can be recommended. fresh product and also from Belgium. The clientele there is coming from many different nationalities, not only from Belgian. When we were there, we met a lot of England guys who were loving their mussels with fried.