Levures and Tannins

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Levure et Tannins Mons

An interesting address was discovered thanks to a friend: Levures & Tannins, a wine, beer and tea bar. Located on the Place du Marche aux Herbes, an ideal location in the city of Mons for its nightlife. And yet, this “small” bar is doing very very well. Small location, but a huge clientele. Drink in or take away, this wine bar will delight more than one. Inside or outside, the place is warm and it is good to enjoy a good glass of wine, beer,…Levures et Tannins is also a store that has e-commerce.

After working for several years for a mobile telecommunications operator, the latter took advantage of a voluntary departure plan to find his first love. This is why he opened Levures et Tannins, a bar and wine shop.

There is a wide range of wines from different countries, microbrewery beers, with the watchword: A vegetable offer, local as much as possible, always guaranteed without adjuvants, having undergone the minimum transformation to remain close to the earth and our environment.
“Low impact for a lot of pleasure” here is a summary of this place in two words.

About the wine bar:

A very large choice of different products is offered in this bar. In addition, Laurent (studies in oenology, zythology, tea sommelier, micro-brewery, etc.) knows his field perfectly. We feel that he is a passionate person and we can trust him 100%. In fact, if you want to spend an evening of discovery or simply receive advice for your next meal… an address to recommend.

Levure et Tannins Mons

Levure et Tannins Mons

The Bar:

A very nice little establishment, a small counter at the back, 2 tables and a few stools… a splendid chandelier,… and voila. the walls are covered with bottles of wine, beer, boxes of tea,… simple and effective. In a word: warm and friendly.


What to drink here:

To be honest…all 🙂 just ask Laurent what you are looking for and he will find something for you. Trust him, he knows what is he doing. It’s a good place also to chill out with friends or colleagues, you can have fun while tasting your next wine purchase.
Be aware that there are 2 prices, take away and on the place.

Don’t forget to visit the website and also the Facebook page to get the latest news and events about Levures & Tannins.