Le chinchin

The chinchin Mons, is one of the most exciting bars located in an old cellar!!!

Bar le chinchin, mons

About the decoration

Open for 28 years, the chinchin Mons is located underground, in an old cellar, the interior is wonderful, with an old stone wall, and with magic, deco changing all year long, that why you always feel in a new place after each visit.

Chin Chin Mons

What are the specialities of the pub? Why do you have to go there?

Le chinchin is famous in Mons for its elixir: “le chinchin” you can buy it by the shoot or by bottle 70Cl or one liter. A mix of alcohol and lemon, easy to drink but devastating.  So, be careful when you take the stair to come back to the street, you will be very drunk.  The place is very trendy with some of the best music in town.

Le Chinchin Mons

About the atmosphere

The atmosphere is very warm and cosy in this bar, Dim lights, and candles, the owner is an ace to find the latest deco gadget or lighting his place. About the music and party, you must follow them on Facebook to be aware of the events, magics and unavoidable. This bar probably has the best playlist in town.

What are the prices?

This place is trendy but the prices are on the average of the city, of course, their local beverage isn’t expensive, starting at one Euro for one shooter and 25 Euros for the one-liter bottle.

What is le chinchin’s clientele?

It’s all-ages customers, from different parts of the world. Le chinchin is famous everywhere in the world. Local customers, students and tourists are always enjoying a night together there.

Where is the Chinchin?

It’s located at the “rue des Clercs”, 100 meters from the grand place of Mons. The street goes up a little, it’s the last bar on the left, be careful the entrance is small with stairs, don’t miss it.

Chinchin Mons

Le Chinchin Cafe: A Mons institution:

If you’re looking for a lively and welcoming place to spend an evening in Mons, Le Chinchin Cafe is the perfect spot. With its friendly staff, great drinks, and unique atmosphere, it’s no wonder that this bar is a local favorite.