L’atelier bar Mons

Café l'Atelier in Mons, A very nice place with a large choice of spirit, shooters and beers!!!

Atelier Mons

About the decoration of the pub

L’atelier bar Mons with its long counter (with more than 10 stools) and its shelves filled with bottles of spirits from all over the world. The decoration is sober with beautiful wall paintings but sifted in the evening, tv screens for sports events, beverage menu draws or painted on the walls.

What are the specialities of the bar?

“The bar’s counter” It’s probably the longest in town. That’s why you have to sit at it to check the wide selection of alcohol and shooters. Rum and Gin lovers will not be going disappointed. When it comes to beers, the Atelier is always looking for originalities and innovations, with a wide choice of bottled or craft beers available.

Atelier Mons

Atelier Mons

About the atmosphere

We feel a little elsewhere in the Café l’Atelier, like on holiday, especially for the local customers. At the view of all the bottles stored on the shelves, we are transported to another country. The atmosphere is friendly in the afternoon and much more festive at night, especially on Friday (with DJ), or during themed parties organized during the month. Follow them on Facebook to get the latest events.

Atelier Mons

Atelier Mons

What are the prices?

Prices are reasonable and on the average of the city, and prices rise a little when you order rarer spirits.

Draught beer start at 2 €, Shooters at 2.5 €

What is Atelier’s clientele?

The clientele is varied at the Atelier, of all ages, with tourists passing through, students and of course local regulars.

Bar Atelier Mons

Where is the Atelier?

L’atelier bar Mons is located at rue des Fripiers, +/- 4 minute walk from the Grand Place, and 1 min walk from the market place with herbs (place du marché aux herbes). Can be your stop after a visit to the Mons Memorial Museum


L’atelier has recently had a new electronic darts game connected, Thanks to this new game, you will be able to play normally as before, but with a big difference, is that you may invite another player to your game who will be in another pub located all over the world thanks to an internet connection and a webcam.