La clef du hautbois

A nice pub with terrace not far from the Grand-Place of Mons.

clef du hautbois

About the decoration of the bar

The atmosphere is warm at la clef du Hautbois with a very good tone of colour, the terrace is welcoming especially in summer to enjoy a good beer. This is a nice pub and the inside is quite nice, very clean, where you can grab a table to get a coffee or beer and eat your sandwich or snack.

The atmosphere of the bar

The atmosphere of the bar is muffled, with occasional concerts, a very good place to have a drink or for a business meeting. It’s a good place to rest after a day full of visits, work or shopping, where the only requirement is to have a good time in a relaxed atmosphere.

About customer of La clef du Hautbois

Local customers of all ages leaning on the bar or sitting on the chairs but without too many students, some casual tourists and beer lovers. A friendly place to meet for lunch with friends.

About Price

The prices displayed by the establishments are reasonable and less expensive than on the Grand-Place.
Beer start qt 1.9 &euro and the coffee at 2 &euro

Where is the pub

La Clef du Hautbois is about 200 meters from the big place of Mons, taking the rue de la clef, easy access with pay and covered parking at 50 meters.

New for 2022

Since February 2022, it’s possible now to eat, only available from Monday to Saturday. All information about the menu is here.