Green Witches

Green Witches Sandwich Bar An excellent Sandwich shop and Catering service located in Mons

Green Witches Sandwiches, Mons

While visiting the town of Mons in Belgium and if you have little time to eat then while not try their excellent sandwich. The Green Witches shop proposes a choice of sandwiches with their vegan version, soup, fresh salads and smoothies. All the products served are from local farmers or producers.

What’s to eat at Green Witches Sandwich?

if you don’t know what is it to eat vegan, then you should try it. The Green Witches speciality is vegan food from locals with fresh daily products. Of course, if you like to have a drink, they have also local bio beers and wine.

The atmosphere and decoration

The place seems to be small but is all friendly and with a warm green ton around. if you don’t know anything about sorcery, then you should read the panel of the walls and learn more about it.

About prices

Prices are reasonable compared to other snacks around and of course, serving fresh local products has a cost but the green witches keep them in the averages.

The sandwich starts at 4,50 €

A little plus

Catering service with Green Witches Sandwich: During your meetings, events or parties of all kinds … Remember the witches are there, to cook up delicious meals!

Why go there

It’s open early at 9 am, so breakfast and coffee lovers will be happy to have something to eat in the morning. It’s also a pleasure to have a fresh coffee in the morning before work.