Get a pinte

Located on the bustling Marché Aux Herbes square, Get a Pinte beckons with its inviting atmosphere. Step inside and you'll be greeted by a warm, modern space with an exposed enamelled beer sign and sleek wooden tables. A large chalkboard proudly displays their ever-rotating selection of draught beers, featuring both local and international breweries.

Get a pinte Mons

Perfectly located on a square in the heart of the city, Get a Pinte is one of those classic neighbourhood pubs that instantly make you feel at home. From the new tile floors to the vintage brewery sign and taps lining the bar, this unassuming spot has been pouring perfect pints for years.

Get a Pinte isn’t just about the drinks; it’s about the experience. The knowledgeable staff is passionate about craft beer and eager to guide you through their diverse selection. Don’t hesitate to ask for recommendations – they’ll happily help you discover hidden gems or classics that suit your taste.


Get A Pinte Pub Mons

About the theme of the pub

Usual layout for this kind of establishment. although the Get a Pints is inside in two distinctive houses. The pub is larger than the average on this square. The bar is at the back, tables are in the middle or on the second floor and as might be expected a +/- 100 seating terrace is at the front of the pub.

What are the specialties of the bar?

Belgian Craft Beers and 🍸 Tasty Cocktails make the Get a Pinte. Some beers are from the area (Brasserie de la Haine), while some are regional. Lulu, Diole, Lutgarde IPA,… Urine (try to translate that one 🙂 ) as expected the pub offers great cocktails at a reasonable price… Mojito, Gin’s tonic and a small menu of Shots.

You will have to follow them on Facebook to know more about their drink list because it keeps changing.. that’s why it’s a top place to grab a drink.


About the atmosphere

Get a Pinte in Mons seems to have a friendly and welcoming atmosphere: we have to mention the friendly staff and enjoyable atmosphere, cozy upstairs area with sofas and a kicker table. Obviously, in Belgium, customers like to drink outside even if it’s a little bit chilly. During the spring and summer, you will have the sun nearly all day, so it’s the perfect spot to sit on the terrace. (+/- 100 seats). And if the rain is coming… do not worry, 2 rows of tables are covered by retractable awning.

Get A Pinte Pub Mons

What are the prices?

Prices reflect the image of the products sold. No exaggeration, after all this bar is for all customers, tourists, students and locals.

What is Get A Pinte’s clientele?

A wide range of customers can be found at this pub throughout the day and night, including young students, tourists, craft beer enthusiasts, and workers from diverse backgrounds.backgrounds.

Kickers game Mons

Why you should go there?

If you enjoy relaxing in the afternoon or partying on the weekends, then Get a Pinte is the perfect pub for you. You can also visit to taste a variety of beers and spirits while enjoying a board of cheese and charcuterie. Additionally, it’s the only pub in the area that hosts small concerts and DJ sets.

board of cheese