Escobar Jomtien

Escobar Jomtien is the perfect spot to enjoy a refreshing cold beer after a day at the Jomtien beach.

Escobar Jomtien

So, what is the Escobar Jomtien… It’s a bar with a live band at night, a restaurant and a guesthouse. 3 in one 🙂


Escobar Jomtien

Escobar Jomtien is located at the start of the beach when you come from Pattaya city, that place can be your first stop for a breakfast before going to Jomtien beach passing the day. Or it can be a stop after a day at Jomtien beach on the way back to Pattaya.

This establishment is different from day to evening. Cosy breakfast atmosphere in the morning to become more dancing in the evening with the live music band. Of course, the traditional “apero” at the end of the afternoon is also well busy. A lot of customers stop here after the beach to have a cold drink.

About the design of the Escobar:

Nothing, in particular, black painted walls, and a stage. Tv screen to follow your favourite sports events live. A large bar on the right of this place is located after the entrance is a good place to have a drink with talking to the staff.

What are the specialities of the bar?

A little bit of all, but Thai food lovers and live music will be happy to have an evening meal there while listening to some ” Molan” song from the Northeastern region of Thailand called “Isan”

Escobar Jomtien

What about the prices there?

Prices are on the Jomtien’s average, reasonable, the Thai food dishes are more expensive than street food, but you are in a bar/restaurant. The Thai food dishes weren’t so expensive, I saw other places charging more for the same kind of food. The cook is working very well, we were never disappointed by the food there.