Baromètre Mons

Baromètre bar Mons is very well known bar located in the corner of the "rue de la clef" and the "marché aux herbes".

Espresso Martini

It’s a very good bar to have a drink with friends or work colleagues. The Baromètre bar Mons is very modern and it offers a huge outdoor terrace. The outside of the bar is very friendly during the cold season, it’s warmed and protected from the wind by the glass window.

Barometre Bar Mons

About the Baromètre Mons

The concept is interesting at this bar, early morning (7.30 am) you can have a “croissant” with coffee, during the day you can enjoy the terrace and in the evening, you can enjoy sport on the big screen tv or at parties. It’s a perfect spot for breakfast, relaxation or a party. A good place to have fun with friends, talk business with clients or workers, or just chill out.

What are the specialities?

The coffee, owner has also a coffee shop on another street in Mons, so the Italian coffee served in the morning is very tasteful. Special beers have also their places here, as well as cocktails and alcohol.

The bar has a lot of events, you can find them on the Facebook page. Their main event is the blind test, follow the Baromètre on social media to know more about it.


Coffee at barometre mons

The atmosphere in the Baromètre

Very good as you can see on some Google reviews. The staff is friendly and very polite, The drinks are well served with a smile in a relaxed atmosphere. The highlight of this place is its outside. The terrace of the baromètre is very warm in winter and well protected. 

What about prices?

It depends on what you are drinking, but I cannot say that Baromètre Mons is very expensive or cheap. For myself, prices are on the average of the town. And if you want to drink fancy champagne or cocktails, then it’s up to you.

Outside the barometre

In conclusion, Baromètre Mons is a nice place with a nice terrace and a smaller interior. The prices are correct and it feels good. Quite a variety of beers, spirits and cocktails. Possibility to pay by credit card. The staff is caring. So, a good place to hang out after a day visiting Mons.