The Historic City of Ayutthaya

Ayutthaya, The Historic City, became the second capital of Siam’s kingdom after Sukhothai. You feel on an island while you are in Ayutthaya. The Chao Phraya flows south of the city and goes east. The Pasak River to the east and the Lopburi further to the North. Nicknamed the” Venice of the east”, there are many things to do near the river or on the river. The evening is the best moment to enjoy dinner at the edge of the water.

Ayutthaya temple

Ayutthaya temple

The major attraction is, of course, its historic park with the remains of the ancient capital that are still visible. Walking around the sandstone temples and the city, we imagine going back to the time of the kingdom of Siam.

Wat Yai Chai Mongkol

Apart from touring Ayutthaya’s history and temples, your visit can be filled with something more recent in terms of the cultural contexts such as the Ayodha Floating Market, Krirk Yoonpan’s Million Toys Museum, Ayutthaya Boat Museum or the Bang Sai Royal Folk Art and Crafts Center.

Wat Mahathat head

There is not much to do in The Historic City of Ayutthaya. at night.  You can visit all the ruins and temples to have a different view and make great photos. For a drink at night, the best is to go to the Night Markets. This location offers a large range of beverage stands, along with local beers. For more action head east, outside the city. First at the neighbourhood called Grand Market and after in the Nareasuan Soi 1 and 2 inside the town.
However, the district of Nareasuan is more animated at night with some bars and restaurants.