Ropieur Mons

A lot to see and do, Mons was the European Capital of Culture in 2015 and continue to do some major events about it.

The city of Mons will charm you with its various assets! it has many museums that give pride of place to current or old artistic creation, but also science or history.

A castrum was built during the Roman times, giving the settlement its Latin name “Castrilocus”; the name was later changed into “Montes” for the mountain on which the castrum was built. Starting from the 7th century, the city has gone through years of revolution, evolution, wars and peace.

There is much to talk about the culture and history of Mons, but everything can be discovered when visiting Mons: throughout the city, by its streets, by its buildings, by its museums and also by its inhabitants. The “Montois” always have one or two anecdotes to tell. A recommended place to learn a lot about history is, for examples, the Mons Memorial Museum. Have a go-to the archaeological site of Spiennes and the belfry which constitutes a remarkable architectural testimony.

The culture is omnipresent all year long with a lot of concerts, events, exhibit, …There is The Mons Theater, the “Maison folie”, Mars (Mons performing arts), the “Théâtre Le Manège” and many more.

About the cultural in Mons, we invite you to consult our section agenda, most of the events of the city will be listed there.