Kanchanaburi is a famous province in the west of Thailand. Well known for its second world war history, its bridge over the Kwai river and its waterfalls like the Erawan waterfall. One of the most interesting province to visit and not too far from Bangkok.

Is Kanchanaburi worth visiting?

the answer is yes. why?

  • not too far from Bangkok
  • A lot of different things to see and to do
  • Impressive second world war history
  • Idyllic national park with stunning waterfalls

Kanchanaburi has it all, comfortable hotels along with the River Kwai, quality and very well-detailed museums, stunning nature and for nightlife’s lovers… bars and restaurants. Kanchanaburi is the ideal destination for everyone, family, backpackers, VIPs, … Impossible to leave this province without returning there, there are so many possibilities of visits, discoveries and leisure.

Here is our Kanchanaburi travel guide: Explore the province, stay at the best hotels, enjoy evening drinks in Bar and get drunk for 10 Baht :),…

Check out this list of 14 things to do and to see in Kanchanaburi.

This province should be visited after Bangkok, it’s easy to get there, not too far and you will have a wonderful time here.


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Best Things to Do in Kanchanaburi

The location of the province of Kanchanaburi, bordering Burma and not far from Bangkok, makes it a place rich in history and culture. Many visits to this region are linked to the events that took place in the region during WWII. Whether built by man or by nature, the landscapes that this beautiful region will offer you are breathtaking … …

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Discover Erawan Waterfalls.

Located within Erawan National Park, in the Kanchanaburi region, Erawan Waterfalls are one of the jewels of Thailand. You will find a succession of the most impressive waterfalls, all in a lush natural setting. About The Waterfall The Erawan Waterfall gets its name from the three-headed white elephant in Hindu mythology, which is said to have inspired the formation of …

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